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About Flight Path of Heroes

Flight Path of Heroes is the third part of a trilogy of projects called A Nation Soars: Commemorating Canada’s Great War Flyers.

To highlight Canada’s first aviation heroes, Sound VentureCanadian GeographicThe Royal Canadian Geographical Society, CPAC and Canadian Heritage, have partnered together to create an hour-long documentary, 2-day teachers workshops and aerial photography kits.


A Canadian squadron of retired pilots, known as Vimy Flight, who fly replica First War World biplanes transport their aircraft (with assistance from the RCAF) to Vimy, France in the winter of 2017. While overseas, they prepare to recreate a dramatic moment in time. They will bridge the present with the past, as they perform an emotional flyby over the Vimy Monument on April 9th, 2017 during the 100-year commemoration of the Battle of Vimy Ridge.

Flight Path of Heroes narrated in English by actor Dan Aykroyd and in French by explorer Bernard Voyer, showcases Vimy Flight’s patriotic and emotional journey as they turn back the clock and soar over Vimy’s battlefield one more time.

The Battle of Vimy Ridge

In tandem, the documentary also presents the historic events leading up to the Battle of Vimy Ridge and the significant contributions made by Canadian and British pilots. In all types of weather, fearless Allied pilots gathered reconnaissance on German artillery positions and engaging with enemy fighters. During this period the average lifespan of an Allied pilot was no more than 18-hours, but as the documentary’s title implies many men, such as Billy Bishop, rose to the occasion and sealed there place in history.

Educational material

  • Development and execution of a two-day teacher workshop.
  • Aerial photography kits to be made available to schools across Canada.